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Ranking structure
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7th Jun 2013

Like every clan we need a ranking structure. It is not that hard to get up through it as long as you do stuff to help such as recruit. Also don't ask. Asking will not get you anywhere you will rank up when you deserve it and show you can take the responsibility.

Private: everyone starts out as private. All you need to do is recruit.

Corporal: a rank up from private. You can get here if you show minor leadership and/or change your gamertag to have Titan in it. You don't not need to change it but it is suggested. Role of corporal is to keep privates in line and recruit.

Sergeant: rank up from corporal. You start helping out more in the squads. Still need to recruit. Make sure that the lower ranks are doing their work

Lieutenant: the generals right hand man. You starts helping our a lot in the squads. Lots of responsibility. Still needs to recruit. As a major you are basically the junior general. If something were to happen to the general you are the temporary or new general.

General: In charge of your own squad. You are to schedule events and/or meetings with your squad. Not many people make it to this rank. One of the highest ranks. A ton of responsibility. Is able to promote to sergeant.

Executive General: In charge of all generals. Does not have a squad but needs to make sure that the generals are taking care of the squads and helping them out need be. Is able to promote people to lieutenant.

Grand Admiral: Leader of the clan. Oversees everything and is in charge of a squad alongside a general. The grand admiral is able to promote to all ranks. Allowed to kick someone and needs to be notified if anyone is promoted and/or demoted.
Forum » Forums » Rules and works
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